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Inflammation is the response of living tissue to damage. The acute inflammatory response has 3 main functions:
  • The affected area is occupied by a transient material called the acute inflammatory exudate. The exudate carries proteins, fluid and cells from local blood vessels into the damaged area to mediate local defenses
  • If an infective causitive agent (e.g. bacteria) is present in the damaged area, it can be destroyed and eliminated by components of the exudate.
  • The damaged tissue can be broken down and partialy liquefied, and the debris removed from the site of damage.
The cause of acute inflammation may be due to physical damage, chemical substances, micro-organisms or other agents. The inflammatory response consist of changes in blood flow, increased permeability of blood vessels and escape of cells from the blood into the tissues. The changes are essentially the same whatever the cause and wherever the site.

Acute inflammation should be short-lasting, only a few days. If it is longer then it is referred to as chronic inflammation. Examples of acute inflammation are sore throat, reactions in the skin to a scratch or a burn or insect bite and so on. However, there are exceptions such as pneumonia, inflammation of the lung rather than pneumonitis and pleurisy, inflammation of the pleura, rather than pleuritis.

Causes of Inflammation
Casuses of inflammation include the following:
  • microbial infections - this is the most common from bacteria and virus
  • Hypersensitivity or Allergic Reactions - arising from an altered state of immunological responsiveness that causes an inappropriate or excessive immune reaction damaging the tissues
  • Physical agents - arising from physical trama such as burns or frost bites
  • Tissue Necrosis - due lack of oxygen or nutrients resulting from inadequate blood flow

Low Persistent Inflammation
The most deadly type of inflammation is where there are no symptoms or physical signs. This is described by Dr Barry Sears as Silent Inflammation. He called it the Silent Killer in his book "The Anti-Inflammation Zone". Such Inflammation causes aging, heart attack, stroke, cancer and many other health threats

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