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The LB17 probiotics are produced in Southern Japan and totally unaffected by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Radiation levels at the production facility is checked daily to ensure there is no contamination and the product is safe

LB17 "live" probiotic

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are based on questions that are commonly raised by customers who were interested in the product. If you did not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

  1. Question: What is the bacteria count per capsule?
    Answer: Whilst bacteria count is a useful aspect of a good probiotic, it is not the most essential or vital aspect of a good probiotic. Probiotics that are preserved using the "freeze-dried" method often have as their bacteria count billions and billions of bacteria. This is because freeze-drying is a very harsh process, and a good example is Nescafe. All the water is taken out of the substance or organism at low temperatures to preserve it. In the process the cell walls are damaged and consequently most of the bacteria are killed. It is hoped that perhaps 1-2% can be revived. This is why billions of bacteria are needed. Most, if not all, freeze-dried probiotics are in powder, tablet or capsule form. Live probiotics, on the other hand, are generally in capsule or paste form where there is food for the bacteria to keep it alive. Once consumed and the bacteria is released, the bacteria is viable and gets to work immediately. At the time of encapsulation, there is at least 35 - 50 million live and viable bacteria in LB17.

  2. Question: How does LB17 deliver the bacteria past the strong stomach acids, especially if it is taken on an empty stomach?
    Answer: LB17 probiotic is encapsulated in a soft vegi-gel capsule made of seaweed. This protects the bacteria from the strong stomach acids to properly deliver the bacterium to the intestines where the bacterium works best. However, LB17 probiotic biomass is in paste form and is best taken after food. The stomach acids would be diluted by the food consumed so that the bacterium can survive and also work in the stomach area for those that have digestive health issues in the stomach area such as ulcers, etc.

  3. Question: Do you need to keep LB17 in a refrigerator?
    Answer: No, LB17 does not require refrigeration. LB17 is produced by natural fermentation over a 3-year period and during that time, it goes through the warm summer and cold winter temperatures and therefore is acclimatised and can survive in room, warm or cold temperatures. However, it may stay fresher and the bacteria less active and will survive longer if kept refrigerated especially the biomass.

  4. Question: I am sensitive to gluten, grains and allergic to many substances, can I use LB17?
    Answer: Yes, I believe you can. During the 3-year fermentation, the bacteria has broken down all the original botanical ingredients into their molecular stage so all the properties of these botanicals are no longer there. In fact, if you use LB17, it may help you overcome the degree of your sensitivity to such products over time.

  5. Question: I am lactose intolerant, can I use LB17 and will it help me?
    Answer: Yes, you can. LB17 contains lactase, the enzyme that digests and breaks down dairy products. So it will help you with dairy products and in time may also enable you to take dairy products. However, just start slowly and carefully. We do have users who are lactose intolerant but found that after using LB17 especially the biomass that they can now take dairy products. Take LB17 probiotic biomass after taking the dairy products and the bacteria will reduce the intolerance.

  6. Question: How many capsules or how much LB17 biomass should I take?
    Answer: How may capsules would depend on the reason(s) for using LB17 probiotics. For general digestive health and if the user has used probiotics previously, then 2 caps daily to be taken all at once would suffice. Otherwise, the user is recommended to start with 6 - 10 caps daily for at least a week. Depending on how the user feels, this dosage can gradually be reduced to 2 caps daily. For the biomass, one level spoonful (small spoon provided) should be sufficient. One small level spoonful is equivalent to between 4-8 caps. If the user has digestive issues, then the dosage must be increased and 6 - 10 caps is suggested for at least 2 weeks. Note that you can never take too much as there is no harmful or toxic effects in using probiotics, especially LB17

  7. Question: When do I begin to feel the effect of LB17 working?
    Answer: Usually the effect from using LB17 probiotics may begin within hours to a day after taking it. Most users find that they have better bowel movements and there is also the "cleansing" or "die-off" effect. This can cause the user to feel poorly or also for rashes, itchese, etc to occur. Do not be alarmed but to continue using LB17 until these effects disappear. It can last up to 10 days and this is a way the body is cleansing the system of toxins and other unwanted materials. If the user drinks lots of water, the effect can be reduced and generally finishes by the 5th day and the user gets a better sense of well being and higher levels of energy

  8. Question: How long do I have to continue to use LB17?
    Answer: LB17 contains 17 strains of bacteria, a number of which is colonizing. Theorectically, these colonizing bacteria multiply and are resident in the digestive system but due to pollutants we breathe in, consume in water and food, causes the bacteria to perish. So we have to continually "top-up" and take LB17 probiotics. After a long period of many months, the best way to use LB17 may be to take 2 caps daily or every other day

  9. Question: I want to feed my child LB17. Can my child use LB17 and bow much?
    Answer: Yes, any child can use LB17, even babies who are 1 month or older. LB17 will help the child mature and improve his or her immune system. The child will not suffer from the many usual ailments growing up. For a child between 1 month to 1 year, it is suggested that 1/2 a spoon of the biomass or 1 cap daily is sufficient. For old children, a full spoon or 2 caps can be taken.

  10. Question: I am pregnant or wanting to conceive, can I take LB17?
    Answer: Absolutely, it is perfectly safe and in fact may be beneficial to both mother and child. It may help the child from usual digestive problems and also from asthmatic symtoms

    Below is an image of a box of LB17 live probiotic and vegetable soft gel capsule
    Each box contains 60 capsules

    LB17 live probiotic biomass
    LB17 is now also available in paste form without capsules for those who do not or cannot take capsules - see below

    Above is a 50gm bottle and 3gm sachet of Fermented Food (previously LB17) biomass paste form. The 3 gm sachet are packed in 10-sachets and 30-sachets boxes.

    The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.
    The Food Standards Agency (UK) has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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