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Solutions to control excessive free radical activity:
  • Check for heavy metals
    Heavy metals are a major cause of free radical activity. So if you test high or have excessive free radical activity, it is highly recommended that you check your body via a urine test to confirm whether you have high levels of toxic heavy metals in your body. A good way to check is to use the HMT General kit as a preliminary determination. If it shows high, then decide if you wish to find out more with the specific kit, for example, HMT Mercury kit or HMT Lead kit , these being the more common heavy metals contamination in the body that are most harmful.

    If the above tests show high levels of heavy metals, you are recommended to get rid of such toxic heavy metals with a gentle yet effective oral chelator. Go on a 3-6 months program and then re-test to make sure that the toxic heavy metals have been eliminated.

  • Use the right ANTIOXIDANTS
    If you tested yourself and found you have minimum or no heavy metals contamination, then it may be that you are not using the right kind of antioxidants or taking insufficient antioxidants to counter the excessive free radical activity. You should consider using the appropriate antioxidants such as Flax Hulls which contains high levels of lignans and sulforaphan. Lignans (SDG) and Sulforaphan are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers and will help you restore your body's immune quickly. In addition, the flax hulls provide both soluble and insoluble fibre as well as Vitamin B12 in the form of Cobalamin.

    Flax hulls have a very high ORAC value (measure of antioxidants) of 19,600 compared to Prunes (7,660) or Kale (1,770). Prunes has the highest ORAC value amongst fruits and Kale a dark green leafy vegetable is very good for antioxidants.

  • Injury or Silent Inflammation
    The other potential source of free radical activity arise from injury to the body (organs or tissues) such as muscular cramps, sprains, livery or kidney malfunction, etc. Other injury that we do not feel initially until it becomes irreversible are like plaque build-up in the blood vessels, cardiovascular diseases, excessive wear at the joints through over exercise, liver and kidney malfunction at the early stages without much pain or warning. In this regard, it is always useful to check to make sure. The 10-P Urine Analysis kit is a very useful preventative check for 10 parameters in urine. It will tell you if you have signs of adult on-set diabetes (type-2), kidney and or liver malfucntion, bladder and urethra infections, etc from the presence of substances in the urine. The kit will also measure pH and Specific Gravity (SG) which are also indicative of health problems if they are not within the expected normal ranges

  • Diet, Alcohol and Smoking
    Diet high in fried and or fatty foods is also a major source of free radicals. Fried foods are especially high. Excessive Alcohol certainly contributes to free radical activity too and so does smoking. It may be a good idea to consider eliminating these other causes of free radical activity if the Free Radical Test show high or severe activity.

  • pH Balance
    Finally, it is always useful to check the pH state of the body since an acidic situation does contribute to increased free radical activity. It is also important to constantly check the pH state of your saliva and urine using a good pH Indicator

    Looking for an effective antioxidant to control excessive free radicals?
    Consider Osumex Flax Hulls which has a high ORAC value of 19,600 and a powerful antioxidant. It is also a most nutritious fibre!

    **ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods

    Osumex Free Radical Test kit - see sample kit below

    Malondialdehyde (MDA) is a by-product of free radical activity and this is what the test kit measures.

    It is recommended that you test at least once a week, if excessive free radical activity is found, until it is brought under control, or once a month or at least once every few months to make sure free radicals in the body are not running rampant!

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