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Bacteria hope for Asthma

Lancet as reported
The Age, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, April 7, 2001

Treating pregnant women with "good bacteria" will pevent thousands of children contracting asthma by strengthening the baby's fledgling immune system, a new study shows.

Lactobacillus, the "good bacteria", can be found in yoghurt and other diary products, and is a normal ingredient in a healthy stomach.

They study, published in Lancet, found additional amounts of Lactobacillus would cause a child's immune system to mature at an advanced rate. A bady normally builds up an immune system within the first few months of its life, a slow process that eventually strengthens the immune system to allergies.

By age seven, 6 percent of the children had been diagnosed with asthma. Doctors now believe it is best to act before the child is born by medicating the unborn child's mother with "good bacteria" to stimulate the child's immune system.

Below is an image of a box of LB17 live probiotic and vegetable soft gel capsule
Each box contains 60 capsules

LB17 live probiotic biomass
LB17 is now also available in paste form without capsules for those who do not or cannot take capsules - see below

Above is a 50gm bottle of LB17 biomass. Next pic is image of the biomass in bulk paste form
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